Study in Spain

Spain is a popular destination for international students seeking quality and affordable higher education. There are around 85,000 international students studying in Spain each year. With lots to offer, there will be something for everyone is this fantastic country.

Why Study in Spain?

There are 76 universities in Spain, and they are a mixture of public and private. Of the 76, 24 are private, and 7 of these are associated with the Catholic Church. The public universities are state-funded, meaning that their fees are set by the local government. Spain has a long and rich tradition of higher education, and therefore their institutions are consistently well ranked. In the 2018 QS World University Rankings, 11 Spanish institutions are ranked in the top 500. The highest of these is the Universitat de Barcelona, sitting at 156th.

You are able to study at all traditional levels in Spain. This includes bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level study. A bachelor degree usually lasts 4 years, and you will be required to gain 240 ECTS credits to pass (find out what the ECTS is from Anna, our study abroad expert). A master’s degree usually lasts 1-2 years, and you must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to be accepted. A Spanish Doctoral degree (PhD) usually lasts up to 3 years, or 5 years if you study part-time. You will need to have been awarded a bachelor’s and master’s degree to gain entry on a Doctoral programme. There are many options for types of courses available, and what fields they are offered in. You are highly likely to find a programme that suits you at an institution in Spain.

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