Study in Ireland

Different Types of Study

Studying in Ireland for foreign students is available in a variety of different forms. The majority of students choose to come through an exchange program where your parent university or institution will be able to help you with most of the necessary preparations.

You naturally also have the option of conducting a full course of study in Ireland. As the language of instruction for all courses in English, those with a sufficiently good knowledge of the language are eligible for doing anything from a bachelor to a masters or doctorate degree, provided they have the necessary prior education.

Entry requirements for the different types of study differ between institutions, but in general the following applies: A bachelor requires a completed secondary school education with sufficient results. A master degree will require a previously completed bachelor or equivalent from and Irish institution or equivalent abroad. A doctorate will require at least a master degree in your chosen field of research. In some cases, a doctorate also requires a certain amount of work experience for entry.

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